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Pride is Founder and CEO of Foundation E - a 501(c)3 nonprofit film and television production company that is harnessing the power and influence of media to change the world.  Combining education and entertainment to create effective global impact. 

Foundation E develops and produces film and television projects honed in on the social causes of our time - gender and racial equity, climate change, poverty, education, and homelessness.  From day 1, Foundation E will accompany a global social impact campaign, which will affect measurable change.  


In addition, Foundation E created the Global Girl Impact Program to empower and equip the future generation of leaders, focused on girls of color in disadvantaged, underserved and underrepresented communities.

Foundation E leverages its strong relationships with the top entertainment companies and social impact industry leaders to bring maximum awareness, influence and global impact to the causes it addresses.  Effectively, Foundation E creates a global movement around every project it produces.

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